Hey all! It’s been a while I know, but I am just now being able to peek my head out from all the boxes.  My least favorite thing to do is MOVE, with moving comes unpacking, and it is all just a pain.  Yes, I should be a pro at it by now, but no matter how organized you are with your move it is still a pain.  It’s the list that you have to refer back to, it’s the cleaning before you move in, then it’s the unpacking and organizing everything.  Let us not forget about getting your utilities turned on, switching doctors, and making sure your child and/or children are registered for school. It is just so much to do and remember and if you are a coach’s spouse you know that all this is done while your husband is hard at work.

Fortunately, our current move was back to our home town. Yes, I know what you’re thinking,” Well doesn’t that mean you have help?” And now let me explain something, I am a complete control freak; I have a little obsessive-compulsive disorder, and let us not forget about my anxiety.  Don’t judge me! But this all kicks in when the thought of someone other than my mother, god-mother, or younger sister wants to help me unpack.  So let me break down my process for you. First, before any boxes are unpacked I must set off bug foggers.  I don’t care where we have moved I set them off, before we officially move in.  If there is a garage I put foggers in there as well.  Next, I must clean the house from top to bottom.  I scrub base boards, vacuum corners, mop, run the dishwasher on the hottest setting, and etc.  Finally, I unpack boxes starting with the playroom/kids bedroom first (because a girl has priorities).  Everything has a place and everything must go in its place.  Everybody doesn’t have a system; and my system is strategic and if you can’t follow my system it makes me crazy.  My unpacking process is so serious my husband can only help me unpack boxes he is not allowed to do it alone.  Nothing drives me crazier than when he goes through the house opening boxes.  Again! Don’t judge me!

Other than my packing and unpacking fiasco things are leveling out.  It’s always refreshing when you up the pay scale a little, so you can afford things like a new sofa, because you’ve had the same one since college.  We all have that college furniture you been holding on to because you have priorities that you’re taking care of and new furniture is the last thing you can afford to replace.  But, we’ve been blessed to be able to buy new and are more than grateful.  What has not changed is although my husband is now a head coach working less is not an option.  He still gets up at the crack of dawn, the phone still rings off the hook, and basically the whole universe is basketball.  It all evens out though because his world is basketball and my world is getting the house together to entertain and focusing on our 5-year-old.

Hopefully, my rambling woes will help some of you overcome yours, or maybe not, OR it might help you realize that moving is someone else’s least favorite as well. And just to save you some time and effort I have already closed my eyes a couple of times and said, “Abracadabra Hocus Pocus,” but it hasn’t worked.

Happy Moving Wives!

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