Moving Tips

1. Set a Moving Date

2. Make a List of Moving Supplies (unless it’s a paid work move)

a. Boxes

b. Scissors

c. Tape

d. Markers (label boxes by rooms)

3. Make a List of Things to Get Done

a. Cleaning

b. Salvation army run or pick up

c. Fill out medical release forms

d. Call to set up utility shut off

e. Put house on the market

f. Contact leasing company

g. Etc.

4. Get Rid of Things You Do not need

5. Go Through All the Rooms and Do a Deep Clean (or set up for a move out cleaning with a cleaning company)

6. Pack Valuables Separately (especially if you are using a moving company)

7. Pack a Week’s Worth of Clothes for Everyone (and if there are children pack a couple of toys.)

8.Deep clean ( or schedule a deep cleaning) Before Unpacking in Your New Place.

9. Get out air mattress (or set up hotel reservation) and snacks, once things are packed you may need somewhere to sleep and things to snack on.

This is only a small list, but it has helped me in every place we’ve moved. There are also longer list that you can google, but they can be overwhelming.

Tossing out old items

Deciding moving companies (we went with Allied, but we have also used Northwestern)

I cleaned myself to save money (I’m cheap)

Loading and moving day!

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