Dear Basketball,

You definitely know how to get a person in their feelings.  I have showed you nothing but dedication.  And in return, you keep taking me and my loved ones on this emotional rollercoaster.  My family and I have been in tournament championships for 5 years in a row now.  And each of those years has had a different outcome for us.  Listen, I know you show no favoritism when it comes to how you go in the basket, which side of the court you land on, or who wins the jump ball tossup. It’s just so grueling to watch my team coach’s sweat over which play to deliver in order for you to go in the basket.  Should they just play man to man defense and hope things play out in their favor.

Let’s not even speak about those player’s! Doing something they love so dearly day in and day out just to perform for fans that love them some days and hate them other days.  Fighting through injuries to their body.  All for something that can become a professional career or end with them dribbling you down the court and making the wrong move.  Why do you bring so much joy, but so much pain?

The passion behind people’s eyes when they look at you and hold you is irreplaceable. You bring togetherness in households and courts worldwide.  Although you cause so much hurt, you also bring a love to so many that’s unexplainable.  Rest assured we know that neither I, nor my family is ready to give you up.  We’re ready for our next level of business with you basketball.

Love Always,

Keya (Coach’s wife)


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