History was made….

February has been an extremely busy month for me, and the sad part is the month is not even over. This month has consisted of Valentine’s Day party, basketball games (my husband’s and History’s), errands for History’s school Mad Hatter Gala, basketball games, we managed a Valentines date, basketball games, field trips, History turned 5, and did I say basketball games.  This month has be one of those high anxiety months for me.  It does not matter how much I plan, because I will always have anxiety up until the day of the event.

I think my anxiety stems from wanting things to go over smoothly, not wanting to forget any detail, and then seeing everything play out.  The other issue I have is that I am one of those over the top moms (yes I can admit it) that goes all out on the smallest things.  It’s one of those hobbies I talked about in my earlier post where it gives me something to do and lets me be heavily involved in my child’s life.  No need to worry moms I am not competing for the best mom award! We are all amazing moms especially, when we manage to juggle our lifestyles with everything else we have going on.

feb (1)

(Valentine’s Card found on pinterest/mask ordered off amazon)


My husband and I managed somehow to squeeze in a Valentine’s Day date.  Now, we never plan to go out on Valentine’s Day: 1) Everyone else is out 2) He usually has a game 3) During basketball season you can never plan out anything, because your plans most always never fall through.  My advice is to just always have a couple of good sitters on hand that can come over spare of the moment at times.


I mentioned not planning things, but something’s you have take a gamble on.  History’s birthday was one of those gambles.  I knew I wanted a party for him this year because he turned 5-years-old.  Well, first thing I did was looked at the day his birthday fell on, looked at the game schedule, and booooom! The date I chose was his actual birthday.  The day before his birthday was a home game and the day after was Presidents Day I couldn’t lose.  All I needed was a silent prayer that the team would win there Saturday game, so they wouldn’t have Sunday practice.  And with all the planning I started in December my plan worked out nicely. And History was made!


Invites Esty/goodies and bag Amazon


Craft I came up with(paper plates, tissue paper, yarn, brown pom poms, and construction paper)/hats and aprons Amazon (ordered by the set)/iron on letters(Michaels)/Pizza making(Joe’s Pub)/cupcake(local bakery)




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