Mom’s Night Out!

IMG_3287 (2)


Soooo, last night I had a girls’ night! Whoooo Hooooo! To all the moms who are able to escape their hectic lives to live a little.  Last night was one of mine! Went out with a group of ladies that were all moms and there for the same reason I was-wine! And lots of it!


IMG_3268 (2)


You deserve to get out every now and again. No, really, with all the cooking, taming your husband/boyfriend and children you do its definitely well deserved.   Jada Pinckett-Smith once told her daughter, Willow. If she did not take time for herself from time to time her skills as her mother would not be as sharp as they are.  So, I want to challenge all the wives and girlfriends to coach’s, to take time for them.  You cannot be your best self unless you self care.  I know you’re saying to yourself, “Do you know how hard that is?” Trust me I know it’s hard, but even if its five minutes in your car before you get the kids from school, lock yourself in the bathroom and take a bubble bath, if your husband is home for an hour go to the grocery store for a minute by yourself, and if at all possible schedule a night out with the ladies.  Trust me these small things sometimes help you gain at least a week’s worth of sanity back.  Help you and help your family by being as sane as you can!




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