10 Survival Tips for Coach’s Wives

  1. Wine (Lot’s of it!) or your drink of choice.
  2. Coach’s Wives (They are in this with you!)
    1. Once a month outings
    2. Watch party’s ( get snacks and watch the game with one another)
    3. They also help keep up with events going on (husbands forget).
  3. Get Involved with Team Activities (the season is long and only will get longer if you are not involved).
    1. If your husband invites you go!
    2. Feed the team (break it up, so you don’t go broke trying to feed everyone)
    3. Most important go to the games
    4. Learn player names (treat them like family)
  4. Babysitter (When hubby’s off take advantage of it!)
  5. Find A Hobby (keep busy)
    1. Exercising
    2. Reading
    3. DIY projects
  6. Carry Cash (Parking attendants only take cash)
  7. Take an Immune Booster (Elderberry is my favorite) You are around many people during games protect you and your child(ren)’s immune system.
  8. Do Not Take a Purse for Away Games (most stadiums do not allow book bags, diaper bags, or purses bigger than a wallet) (Disclaimer: College games I am not sure about high school).
  9. Good Friends (that you do not have to talk basketball and can take fabulous trip with)
  10. Pamper Yourself (Taking care of everyone else’s needs will leave you exhausted)

3 thoughts on “10 Survival Tips for Coach’s Wives

  1. To Mrs. COACH from Mrs. COACH my quote to the couple…..We sat side by side in the morning light
    and looked out at the future together.💭


  2. Always have that listening ear after each game.. coaches always have to unwind after a game especially the tough ones🏀🏀🏀


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