Married 2 Basketball



Hi! My name is Lakeya and I am the wife to a college basketball coach, a mother, and former social services worker.  My decision to start a blog was the experiences that I have had along my journey, so far.  No, I am not as seasoned as most in this lifestyle, but I have been a part of my husband’s journey for 11 years now.  I think this score’s me a couple of brownie points.


So, let me start by giving you a little of our back story. Picture it, Sicily (In my Sophia voice from Golden Girls)…I met my husband when he was a G.A. (Graduate Assistant) finishing up his masters and I was just starting to venture into my social services career.  After finishing his Master’s program he began coaching at a NAIA (National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics) school as an assistant coach.  For two young adults this was great, we were making decent money, just us two, and no kids. After three seasons he left and landed a coaching position at a Junior college.  Now, while his career was progressing so did our relationship and home life. We had our son, History; we married; and had very little money.  I worked, but understand Social Service jobs are not high paying when you have a family.  My husband drove an hour to work every day (gas was like paying a car note).   Then, at the end of our 3rd season at the Junior college, which was a Championship year for us! My husband received a call! WE WERE MOVING!



Moving, as I would eventually learn, is fact of life being married to a coach. However, the first move was not a bad move at all! We became close to a lot of people we would consider family.  This move also introduced me to a career change, another fact of life in this lifestyle.  I became an instructional assistant (professional fruit snack opener) at one of the elementary schools.  Probably my most favorite job ever! But after the first move came the second move. Two seasons in and a championship we packed our bags and moved farther than before.



Our second move is our most current move and we have been here since August.  During this move I became a stay-at-home mom and wife.  We were introduced to a great family who also is a part of the team.  So far everything is looking good; the only downside is the chilling, disrespectful winds of the Midwest.


But as you can see the title of my blog fits my life. On this blog I want to share stories, pictures, and ideas with women like myself in hopes to help you along your journey as a wife, girlfriend, and mother.  It definitely is not easy, but we have fun with it.  This lifestyle is also different from most traditional working-class households where there are two parents or one parent that work a 9 to 5 and are able to come home most nights to see their family.  I want to be a resource for those of you just starting out, or a place of support for women seasoned in this lifestyle. Trust me no one can prepare you for this lifestyle, but it is helpful when you know someone has been there and done what you are about to go through or are going through.

10 thoughts on “Married 2 Basketball

  1. Ms. Collins,
    I wish you, BC, and History the best of luck in each and every chosen endeavour. Trust in God and continue to trust BC. My wife too is a coache’s wife and she’ll be on the chat with you. I coached Brian in high school. I’ve “followed” you guys everywhere you’ve been. You guys are one of my favorite couples. I enjoy watching History grow up right before our eyes. Im interested in knowing the name of the next one…..take care!


  2. You have shown true love to Penny, History, and all of the athletes you touch! You are a true example of a classy lady! I am thankful God allowed our paths to cross in Middle TN!!


  3. Congratulations and well done! KC you are truly God’s child. Although change is inevitable in life, God will continue to strengthen you and BC. I am praying that your wonderful story will indeed impact and inspire others as you have inspired me. You took a proactive approach to put LOVE first and enjoy the process. I am extremely proud of you and B. Continue to put God first and congratulations on the next phase of your life! Love your Y Family Member, Tracy Walls-GoDawgs


  4. Keya, you are amazing! You have another hidden talent up your sleeve. You are a Writer!!! I am so proud of you and your sweet family. God has richly blessed me with your friendship. I am waiting for more of your words of wisdom. Keep writing from your heart.


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